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New employee training
New employees participate in pre-job training for new employees will be organized by the Chief Personnel Center unity. The training includes: corporate culture, philosophy, history and current situation of the company's development, industry conditions, company organization, functions and scope of various departments, rules and regulations, employee code of conduct, fire safety and occupational health regulations.

Job training
Companies of all employees each year to participate in job training, training methods include: the company hired industry veteran lectures; participate in academic exchanges, expert lectures; site visit, exchanges, seminars; distance learning network; the leading companies of similar training.

The-job training:
Management staff training including market and technology trends, business case development, business documents and regulatory- depth understanding and understanding, the status quo of enterprise management and marketing strategies, social, public relations, etiquette and so on.

R & D category staff training includes technical developments and trends, new technology development and application, the language of strengthening corporate culture.

Finance, financial class staff training, including financial regulations, financial regulations, tax laws, business regulations, mode of operation and management of new financial regulations, market developments and financial integration, the practical application of the corporate culture in the financial operations and the like.

Market class staff training content market developments trends, market experience and lessons learned, market behavior, marketing, government action, public relations, publicity, advertising, media, corporate culture strategy, CIS applications.

Staff training class logistics services logistical services and market relations, the relationship of logistics services and management, warehousing and mining supply management, logistics services and financial relations, corporate culture in the practical application of logistics and so on.

Administrative Assistant class staff training with a computer and Internet skills training, word processing skills, art education and physical training, personal working relationship with the corporate culture and so on.


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