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Human Resources Strategy
Through the strategy of talent introduction, the strategy of education and training, the strategy of management improvement, the strategy of welfare and the strategy of employer brand, create an good career environment for employees, in which employees work,

study, progress, succeed.

Human Resources Philosophy
Adhere to the principles of fairness, just and openness .Right position for right people. Build the attractive vision to attract and retain the talents, provide the platform to train and improve the employees, set the challenging target and goal to encourage employees to innovate continuously and advance on higher level.

HR goals
Stick the enterprise development concept of "people-centered" , to attract, develop and retain the  high level talent in the industry. Build and optimize the talent structure, form the reasonable talent echelon, and implement related suitable training and development plan for every talent of every level. Continuously improving the employee compensation system, so that all talents should gain good economic income while getting personal career improvement as the company advances. Construct the learning organization to promote the together improvement for company and employees, create and win the good company reputation in the industry through positive policy and action.

Human resource mechanism
Regard the talent as the most important fortune and driving force for the company development. Through the establishment of personnel training mechanism, talent promotion mechanism, performance evaluation mechanism, welfare and compensation distribution mechanism, enterprise and employees will get a long-term stable relationship, and get a win-win success.


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